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A Lead Is a Puppy

Just like raising a puppy, when you put in the work to take care of your lead, your reward is a trained and loyal ally for years to come. Here’s your to-do list for proper care of your “puppy.”

Did you WOW Someone Today?

About three years ago, I took an honest inventory of the culture at my company and didn’t like what I saw. I have to be a little honest here; we had a good culture — it just wasn’t great.

Copywriting is a Joke

Did you know that copywriting is similar to similar to writing a joke? See how they are similar and how you can incorporate it into your marketing.

How to Awaken Your Marketing Force

If you want people’s attention, you have to work for it. That’s why you must have a multi-pronged media strategy, both internally and externally.

Become a Lead Magnet Jedi Master

When it comes to everything you know about lead magnets, take a piece of advice from the wise Yoda: “You must unlearn what you have learned.”

Is Your Marketing Amish?

As times change, tactics need to change. Most businesses, including this one, are very Amish. Everybody is in a circle looking at each other and mostly trying to farm incrementally better but still farming with a mule.

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