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With custom content on par with our award-winning editorial, InsuranceNewsNet delivers engaging, strategic and clickable stories to elevate your brand.

What is a sponsored article?

A sponsored article is a long-copy advertisement that is written and presented like an objective editorial article. It contains components of an advertisement, but they are typically well-hidden.

  • False cover – Custom cover art; your article appears on back side of false cover
  • False cover plus 1 page – Custom cover art; full-page ad on back side of false cover; both sides of cover direct readers to a page (or pages) inside the magazine where the article appears
  • 2-page spread – 2 facing pages within the magazine feature your article
  • Special sponsored section – Choose 1 or 2 pages in one of our yearly special sections such as our Annuity Thought Leadership Series, Life Insurance Thought Leadership Series, The Tech Guide, and more!

Why use a sponsored article?

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