Digital Display Ads

Advertising with a premium publisher like Insurance & Financial Media Network provides higher brand effectiveness for online display and video ads.

Improve visibility by surrounding your brand message with thousands of news sources and hundreds of original articles each month, while targeting insurance and financial professionals where they read content.

Placement opportunities:

Digital Newsletter Suite

Our Digital Newsletters are the source more financial and insurance professionals rely on for breaking news and insights that directly impact them and their business. Subscribers love our original, award-winning journalism designed to help producers sell more.

  • Unparalleled life, annuity, health, advisor, and P/C news​
  • Original expert contributions and blog posts​
  • Regulatory updates​
  • Mergers & acquisitions updates​
  • Insurance technology
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Social Media

Increase your visibility by having your message seen on social media by your target audience. In today’s fast-paced world, capturing their attention on the platforms they visit most is more essential than ever.

LinkedIn Sponsored Content, InMail and Text Ads allow us to distribute custom content to your prospective clients and position you as a thought leader.​

  • Nine out of ten B2B companies are using LinkedIn​
  • LinkedIn represents 80% of social media driven B2B leads​ Facebook is one of the most targeted forms of advertising and allows you to reach your targeted audience.​
  • 72% of adults use Facebook making it the biggest social media network for adults
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Programmatic Advertising

Everyone has their own needs, unique habits and buying behavior. With programmatic marketing you can ensure that only those most likely to be open to your message are the ones who see it using an automated process.

Capture the attention of your target audience on the websites they visit AND the personal devices they use the most, while getting access to a variety of ad networks for maximum audience reach.

Placement opportunities:

Ask us about custom built audiences using insights from First Class Data ​

Reach your target anywhere they are consuming content on the internet through programmatic marketing.

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