Digital Display Ads

News happens fast and decision makers turn to InsuranceNewsNet and AdvisorNews to read about industry innovations as they happen. Let us show you how to leverage the industry’s most visited websites and gain market share with our engaged audience!

Placement opportunities:
  • Billboard
  • Top/Body half page
  • Top leaderboard
  • Top medium rectangle
  • Body leaderboard
  • Body medium rectangle
  • Feature medium rectangle
  • Text ads
  • Article/Press release

eNewsletter Suite

Our eNewsletters are the source more financial and insurance professionals rely on for breaking news and insights that directly impact them. Let us show you how to use these powerful platforms to promote your organization to an engaged audience.

Our eNewsletters

Placement opportunities:
  • Takeover/logo sponsorship
  • Top and body leaderboard
  • Top and body medium rectangle
  • Sponsored content callouts
  • Text ads

Social Media

Target your audience and amplify your reach with social media! Get your message on the Facebook timelines and LinkedIn feeds of our proprietary list of agents and advisors. Increase your visibility and benefit from third party validation from the #1 source for news in the industry.
Placement opportunities:
  • Sponsored content
  • Dynamic ads
  • Text ads

Programmatic Advertising

Use our proprietary agent and advisor data to target your audience on the websites they visit and the personal devices they use the most. Get access to a variety of ad networks for maximum audience reach.
Placement opportunities:
  • Retargeting: get your message in front of advisors who visit our websites, campaign landing pages or even your company website.
  • Device ID Address Match: market directly to the device IDs of our subscribers to ensure your message appears on the devices they use the most.
  • IP Targeting Address Match: the ability to target the industry’s top advisors based on their computer location or access to their mobile devices – this is perfect for event marketing and products only available in specific locations.

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